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With rap songs openly co-signing date rape I decided to put out something that showcases an actual loving relationship. They do exist. I know it’s taboo in Hip Hop to speak about relationships beyond the exchanges of sex and money but I haven’t been known to follow the rules. This is the real Love and Hip Hop


This be that champagne sipping
Out door dinning two candles lit
under the moonlight kissing
I grab her hand with both hands like listen
start blushing as I drop down to one knee and
pop the question
yes! tears drip drop to her dress a masterpiece
and a mess you are just
no words can express I digress cause I must
subtle hi on a bus
turned a you and I to an us
not too many make it to love from lust or can love someone that they hate cause they love them too much
to hate when you’re gone go and get you say you’re great
when the world says you’re bait and places you on a plate to get gobbled up and ate she comes running like wait!
our unofficial first date
spent play sleeping under the cover rolled over kissed our mouths melted into each other
made a van gogh and
go killing me rolling through the hood and I never ever ever thought murder could feel so good
drop top off of the hood drive stick shift hand to the hard wood
and I am so into you put my hand on your stomach hopping maybe I can feel it too
legs rise I kiss her thighs and when she feels it coming she shakes shivers and cries
we bring the thunder that crack open the skies call it precipitation something that I can’t believe me looking in her eyes like breath baby breath
hand in my hand breath
in through your nose out through your mouth
push! then I see the reason
now I got a reason something to believe in I’m someone they believe in


released 21 April 2013
Written & performed by Gif for IAMTHEGIF Publishing
Produced by Graziano