EX.O.L.L (Extraordinary Ordinary Lives of the Living)

iTunes ReviewA fast-rising emcee and spoken-word artist from Spanish Harlem, Gif has been putting in work for several years now, performing around New York and winning fans with his intelligent, positive wordplay and urgent, shape-shifting flow. He’s independently dropped several quality albums, including View from a Loser on Top of the World, Classick, and Cash 4 Gold. EXOLL (Extraordinary Lives of the Living) is his latest project; it’s a welcome addition to the rap game. In a break from the usual album format, Gif kicks off nearly every song with a beat-free spoken-word intro, explaining his point of view to listeners in the form of a short story before launching into the actual rhyme. He addresses heavy topics like the struggle for gainful employment (“Good Job”), growing up through hard times (“Open Up”), and the dangers faced by a young woman in the city (“Invisible”). Backed by solid, sample-based production, his poignant urban tales and heartfelt life lessons resound on every track.

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